Materials Returns And Cancellations Condican


Returns are accepted only,

If there is a mismatch in the Size/dimension with comparison to the ordered materials/products.
If Wrong materials/products/colors were sent from the ordered list of items
If tampered materials/products were received.
If Defective items/malfunctioning materials/products are received.
If Materials/products are missing as per the manufacturer’s product manual (Valid only for products/ materials which are sold in package by the manufacturer along with a user manual)
Materials/products quality not matching with the manufacturer claims. (Note: In case, the materials need testing by third party agencies, all costs and effort to be borne by the buyer, including sending samples, testing charges and report collection)
If notified to us within 24 hours on receipt of the order to

All shipping and other replacement charges shall be borne and incurred by the Vendor / Manufacturer, if any or above conditions are satisfied.

In case, the seller does not have the replacement product, he can provide the refund to the buyer and buyer shall be obligated to accept the refund in lieu of replacement.

Replacements will be done within 3-7 days of time from receipt of goods at the vendor / manufacturer facility and solely depends upon the availability of the materials/products.

We will schedule the process of pickup on acceptance your request for returns from our vendors / manufacturers.

Please write us at for replacements with your order-id, date of material receipt and reasons for replacement within 24 hours of receipt of materials / items.

Returns are NOT accepted if,

Material / Product is used and tampered after received.
Product is not installed according to user manual and results in damage / malfunctioning.
Not notified within 24 hours on receipt of delivery to
No other materials / items will be exchanged for different materials/items (Scenario: Request to exchange of 43 Grade cement for 53 Grade cement)
Partial Returns / Leftovers are not accepted. (Scenario: 1 Ton TMT unused out of 5 tons purchased are not valid for Returns)


When cancellations are accepted?

Ordered materials are NOT in transit from the vendors / sellers / manufacturer.
Ordered materials/products are NOT customized to suit the buyer. (Example: Custom size kitchen shutters cannot be cancelled)
Shipment at buyer door steps cannot be cancelled for any reasons, other than mentioned in the returns above.

When cancellations are NOT accepted?

Ordered materials/products are imported by the vendors / sellers based on the buyer order.
Ordered materials/products are sourced by the vendors after buyer placing an order.
Ordered materials/products are custom built to suit your requirements (Ex. Kitchen shutters) and manufacturing is in progress.
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